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NEW Mask A.M.E. inflatable

We tried to combine two purposes for one mask - enjoy the incredible pressure of the inflatable rubber on your skin and swallow the liquid on the pour - thickness outside layer 2,5 - 3,0 mm - inner layer 0,6 mm - mouth opening with additional glued, strengthened rubber ring - shaded eye glasses - neck closure with integrated spirals bars as used on our corsets - comfort nose as standard - optional with lockable zip.

Find more information in a video at RFTV. Please click

Indoor Schuhe

Elegance Meets Casual - the perfect latex indoor shoes; unique and brandnew
Just call us innovative. We, the Rubber's Finest team, often sit together to discuss ideas for new rubber products. Here we present elegant rubber indoor shoes. Under the motto "Elegance Meets Casual" it's up to every fetish lover, how to combine these rubber footwear with other clothing - a mixture of beauty and functionality. These 100% rubber slippers can be chosen in black or red. Trim is available in black, red or silver. Choose your individual pair today.

Find more information in a video at RFTV. Please click


New: DF inflatable with gasmaskconnector

With this mask we close the gap between the classic Rubber's Finest Smellbag system and the gas mask system. You can use this mask to connect either your entire gas mask accessories or one of our Smellbags. Of course, both go at the same time. For more information look in our shop. You will also find a clip to this mask on RFTV click

New: BBK with gasmaskconnector

This latex mask is approx. 4.5 mm thick and has only one gas mask connector, but no smellbag connectors. The eye glasses are clear or tinted. You can find more information in our shop and a clip about this mask at RFTV click

Mouthpiece with mouthfeature (mouthcoating) and snap-on mouthpiece with anatomically gag.

From now on, our mouthpiece with mouthfeature and snap-on mouthpiece with anatomically gag iis available in our shop. More gag is not possible.


The new videoclip of the neckcorset can be seen at RFTV click. You find the neckcorset also in our shoparea.

04. February 2016

Breathplayharness - the low cost entry into the Rubber's Finest breathplay series

The breathplayharness is exactly the breathing part, which is integrated in our various masks of the breathplay series. It is made of finet latex - approx. 5mm thick and has 4 chromed connectors suitable for all our smellbags (also available in our shop area). The headharness- also of course made of latex - is adjustable in all directions - and therefore fits to all head sizes. For best stability, a fabric tape is inserted between the layers of latex, so that the eyelets have an absolutely secure hold.

A soft latex trim ensures that the mask fits tightly to a mask or the face. The breathing part can either be worn alone or worn over an own favorite mask. Here are some photos. In addition, there is a detailed video on RFTV, in which a self-confessed mask lover tries the breathplayharness in combination with the necksmellbag for the first time.

To look the video click here

04. August 2015

The thickest latex mask of the world

For those who cannot get enough from masks we produce unique design custom variations of the thickest latex mask in the world. This unique specimen is additionally inflated to achieve a really perfect fit. The inner inflatable mask with a thickness of 0.9 mm clings perfectly to the head. With a total thickness of more than 2 cm (0,79 inch) and a weight of more than 3.5 kg (7lb) this latex mask is unique in the world. For the first time we have also integrated mirrored lenses and of course 4 connections fitting to our smellbags and our sarcophagus. All contours and the neck finish are made with wrapped in latex corset steel spiral springs. The mask is closed in the back with 3 cm (1,18 inch) wide belt buckles and strong for a secure fit of the mask. Please find more information in our shoparea.


27. July 2015

The neck corset homogeneous

The new anatomical neck corset made of approx 2.5 - 3mm thick latex clings close to the neck and the face because of the excellent anatomical shape. The combination of restrictive pressure and perfect fit makes the unique comfort. In addition, the neck corset at the decisive points is reinforced by steel boning. As usual the steel boning is wrapped in latex sheetwaree and firmly glued to the neck corset. When ordering, we need neck circumference measured above the Adam's apple and the head circumference measured over the forehead. The neck corset is available in all maskcolors. In addition, the steel boning can be made in a different contrasting color.

All pictures made by captured taboos. Model Takattum

Of course, the neck corset can also be combined with all our masks, as you can see here ...


Christmas Special at Rubber's Finest Part 3

Christmas is fast approaching, make your partner or yourself an unusual Christmas gift. Here are some Christmas special offers, presented by the lovely Eva van Apple. Here is the videoclip click


Christmas Special at Rubber's Finest Part 2

Christmas is fast approaching, make your partner or yourself an unusual Christmas gift. Here are some Christmas special offers, presented by the lovely Eva van Apple. Here is the videoclip click

Christmas Special at Rubber's Finest Part 1

Christmas is fast approaching, make your partner or yourself an unusual Christmas gift. Here are some Christmas special offers, presented by the lovely Eva van Apple. Here is the videoclip click


New!New!New! - Now available! - 4 different noseforms!

Unique wordwide. Now we offer 4 different noseforms and in addition we offer an individual modellage of your nose.

More information in our shoparea.

Here some pics from our new noses:


The standardnose:

The comfortnose:

The long, straight nose:

The long, curved nose:

And, of course, there is an informative videoclip at RFTV


New: mask "to go" !

The new mask in 0.4 to 0.5 mm without opening in the back, without laces or zipper ! The mask is simply pulled over the head. Due to the low material strength that is without any problems. Ideal for the handbag on the go ;- )

The mask "to go" comes in all sizes, except FK3 and MK2.

Of course, different eye-, or mouthopenings are possible in the colors black, red, skin, white, transparent, please inquire.

Mask to go from 69, - Euro. More information in the shop area.

Here are some pictures.


Now the mouthfeature is individually available - for integration into your favorite mask - including a stencil for assembly. This special-offer is limited until christmas this year. Take a look on the videoclip at RFTV.


Now abailable, design your own indivudual, personal latexcollar. Not only the collar is out of 4 mm thick smooth latex, also the letters and numbers. More information in our shop area or at RFTV.


Superfeminine Rubberdollmask with integrated mouthcoating. More information in our shop-area.

For more information please take a look in our SHOP!!!


From Bizarre Lifestyle - The S10 Bondage Gasmask with attached latexhood and lockable bondagespider. Take a look at RFTV.


Exclusive - the latexcups in different material thickness for integrating in bras, corsetts, catsuits and so on. Take a look at RFTV.


The unique Latexshoes from Rubber´s Finest - inside and outside pure latex. Now at RFTV.


There is a new video with special items on RFTV. Have fun and don't miss.


A new shopping video at RFTV is now online. Don´t miss!!


The collar mask

On the occasion of our 10th anniversary there's another highlight. The collar mask. We call it collar mask , because the collar is firmly connected to the mask. The special feature is the fact that the collar is trimmed with corset spiral springs, that are wrapped insilver-perlmut latex. On the pictures you can see, that the collar is closed with two buckles, so you can close the necklace in addition with 2 small padlocks. The mask associated with the collar has a zipper that is lockable (with key). Thus, mask and collar can be closed. For details see the following pictures. More information can be found in the shop area (the padlocks shown are not included). The price for the collar mask is 213,- Euro.


Many thanks to lovely PUPETT for the fotoshooting.


On the occasion of our 10th anniversary , we will immediately (order as from today) provide all of our masks with the original Rubber's Finest crest from pure latex (in color of the mask) on the front of the neck curvature ( see example photo).

Of course, we love to equip older Rubber's Finest masks with our crest for a small cost of 15, - € plus postage costs. The mask shown is an example of how it will look. I.e. all masks ranging from the standard mask to thickest mask of the world are now equipped that way.

It's finally here! The Ultimate Latex shoes

Everyone knows how difficult it is to find the right shoes for latex clothing. Now it is finally here. Many latex shoes are just outside covered with latex. Our new latex shoes come with latex inside and outside. It fits not only catsuit or latex jeans, but also in everyday life it finally offers the possibility to feel latex on the skin.

For the perfect fit a 2 mm thick latex sole is in addition to the complete latex inner lining integrated.

The original Rubber's Finest Latex shoes can be recognized by the crest on the shoe tongue and the Rubber's Finest logo on the outside.

The latex shoes are available in black and in German sizes 39 to 44.

Only for a short time introductory price: 149, - EUR (later 199, - €).

You can find the shoes in the shop section under "Fashion".


We celebrate anniversary! 10 years Rubber's Finest!

We are proud to have enriched the fetish scene with new ideas, new designs and exceptional mask variations,up to the thickest latex mask in the world, in recent years. Mask lovers all over the world appreciate the excellent quality of our products. Through our years of experience we are able to make even the most unusual mask dreams come true.

Since our masks are more often found in the heavy rubber sector, we have decided, on the occasion of our 10th anniversary, to develop a "ultrathin" mask.

The "anniversary mask" with only 0.4 mm thickness is also especially a mask for the ladies, as by the proved quality of Rubber's Finest latex it fits particularly well to the contours of the face and thus provides an excellent fit.

The mask comes in all sizes for women and naturally in all men's sizes and is available now for a special anniversary price of 69, - Euro.

More information in our shop area.


2 new masks available in our shop. The designs are very fantasyful and the masks are very convenient because the thickness is between 0,35 mm up to 1,2 mm. More information in our shoparea. Here some pics from the masks:

Mask "Alice"

Mask "Zoe"


The original Rubber's Finest mouthfeature now only 99,- Euro.


The new movie is now available "OUR LIFE IN EXTREME RUBBER"

"OUR LIFE IN EXTREME RUBBER" shows the fetish life of a real couple, that has made extreme latex masks and heavy rubber equipment an essential part of their lifes. For the first time, the film features in-depth interviews with the protagonists who explain their latex fetishism. The emphasis however, lies on their wild games in latex and extreme masks. German dialogues.

The price is 49,- Euro additional 6,- Euro shipping costs for Europe and 9,- Euro shipping costs for the rest of the world. To order please send an email to


The successtory is going on

Additional to our back- and frontsmellbag we now have also a necksmellbag. For all desires now an appropriate smellbag is available. No borders are set to the fantasy. You find further information in our shoparea and a video in our videoarea.


The second movie "Torture in extreme rubber"

Our second movie "Torture in extreme rubber" is now available. The price is 49,- Euro additional 6,- Euro shipping costs for Europe and 9,- Euro shipping costs for the rest of the world. To order please send an email to Have a look on the trailer in our videoarea.


Variation of our DF-mask-special

Here a variation of our DF-mask-special. Undermask in black, facepiece in white with black buckles and tinted lenses, mouthfeature in black-white and breathing-part in black.


Hood for gas mask

Make from your favourite gas mask an individual, high-quality Rubber' s Finest mask, completely according to your desires with the best fit. Send your gas mask to us. We e.g. integrate it in a latexmask 1.5 mm up to 1.8 mm thick . When desired we manufacture your mask also more thickly and in variations in type. The clou are the two steel spiral springs covered with latex, which strengthen the neck conclusion and also the face area. For further information please look into our shop area. Here you see some proposals :

Thanks to eigenART and his model.



Since today another smellbag is available. The front-smellbag, that can be worn in front and backside. For more informations please have a look in our shop and in our videoarea.


New mask DF special with integrated collar.


You can see our new mask in our videoclip "Covershooting bei Marquis" in our videoarea.

For more information please have a look in our shoparea.


Also in our shop now: HVN special, inflatable with integrated breathing piece!!!


The renowned photo artists Calvato proved once that our BBK with Smellbag is also outdoor suited. In an underground station people were astonished when the following happened:

Thanks to calvato and his fantastic model.





Expo FetishEvolution 2009 Videoclip

This text will be replaced




Expo FetishEvolution 2009

Some impressions from our actions on fair Fetishevolution:


Between us: Pupett




Not only Bianca Beauchamps made a little film with our sarkophag, also other eroticmagazines made films and interviews with us.




Show with Sarkophag and Pupett







Doro and Baroness Bijou



Doro and Pupett



Baroness Bijou prepares Pupett and the"Doktor" for a promotionwalk










Thanks to Baroness Bjou, Pupett, the"Doktor" and Flo for the pics.



Silicone oil

For a shiny gloss and for care of Latex we offer Rubber' s Finest silicone oil . It is very productive. 100 ml silicone oil (viscosity: 300) for 6,90 € additional shipping (Europe: 3,50 €, rest of the world: 7,- €).






Now you can get our masks in one of the biggest Fetish- and SM-Store in the Netherlands:




The thickest mask of the world - each is unique

Pure latex and 20 mm thick. Each mask is unique and can be connected with tubes with our smellbag or sarkophag.





Latexmask CM

Bright masks – especially for female masklovers – become more and more trendy. It still remains important that these masks can be combined very well with the classical latexfetishcolor black. According to this trend please have a look at our latexmask CM.




After many attempts we succeeded in creating a silvermetallic color tone, which lets even latex look really metallically. In the past the silvermetallic color tones, which came on the market, looked a little bit more gray than metallic. This new silvermetallic color tone is available for all contrast trims. One of the first latexmask with this new color tone we made for captured-taboos. They have been so friendly to send us a picture.

Mask: corsettmask with anatomically gag.


Many thanks to captured-taboos



Inflatable TV in cage

For a customer we made a special mask. It is a combination between our TV mask and our inflatable HVN mask. Here are some pics.



Falsifications of our masks in ebay

Falsifications of our masks are offered in ebay world-wide. Beside other masks especially our Twinset mask is offered as falsification.

We do not sell masks in ebay. Therefore masks which are offered as new products are falsifications.

In principle the falsifications differ from our originals in function, weight, latexquality and quality of manufacturing.

We documented the differences between original and falsification in the following photos.


Original: 2 masks each 5 mm thick with intermediate tube system, chromium-plated air connecting tubes, latextubes, neck conclusion with latex covered spiral-springs.

Falsification: 1 mask, approx. 5 mm thick, as air connecting tubes two yellow brass eyelets and two yellow brass hulls with two plastic tubes .



Here you can recognize the different surface quality very well.



Original: Double mask, undermask with zipper, upper mask with laces, plexiglass eyes 2 mm thickly, eyelets with fabric and eyelets inside and outside with galvanized base plates.

Falsification: One mask, eyes made of folder foil or something like this, eyelets without fabric and without base plates.

In the following a detail photo of the eyelets of the falsifications:

Detail photo concerning the surface quality and the manufacturing of the air connecting tubes:

A picture of the inside of our original mask:

A picture from inside of the falsification:

We turned the inside to outside of the falsification, so you can see the tube system.

Falsification: Detail picture of the so-called lenses (made of folder foil or something like this)

Latexhood "Meta"

The new inflatable mask " Meta" is a 5 mm strong latexhood with an 0.5 mm strong interior hood. In relation to a normal inflatable hoods - here it is not so important, if this is a little bit too large - the hood " Meta" has to fit exactely. The inflatableness of the hood is in this case an option, in order to achieve a tighter fit feeling. The applications are manufactured from very strong latex, in order to prevent an expanding of the hood outward strongly. The pressure goes here similarly to our other inflatable hoods inside.

Abb: with stenciled eye holes and nostrils


Inflatable Latexsarkophag

Our new inflatable Latexsarkophag is the advancement of the conventional bodybag. The outer covering is 5 mm thickly and the interior covering 1 mm thickly. Because of the construction this sarkophag is suitable for persons from 160 to 195 cm length. By the strength of the material and the applied spiral springs the sarkophag is restrictively, however also very comfortable, so that it is suitable for long-term stays. The special feature are the two integrated smellbags, which we equipped with chromium-plated air supply connecting pieces. With over 20 kg weight is the inflatable latexsarkophag really Heavy Rubber. Here some pics:



Mask-combination "DF"

The new combination mask "DF", a variant of the system mask, is specially for the fans of our smellbag combination. The design of the undermask can be arranged when desired individually. The mouthpiece can be equipped with anatomical, inflatable and through-breathable and inflatable gag. The undermask is 1.6 mm thick, has 9 attached buckles, with lacing or zipper. The up-fastenable breathing mask is 3 mm thick and can be connected with our smellbag . The delivery contains: undermask, eyefolder, mouthpiece without gag, up-fastenable breathing mask.



The thickest mask of the world

By permanante advancement of our dipping technology we succeeded in making the thickest mask of the world with approx. 2 cm thickness of pure latex. Each mask is unique. For each mask an individual dipping form is modelled by hand. With a weight of over 2 kg the enormous thickness for the wearer becomes clearly noticeable. The special of our manufacturing process is that the mask has both inside and outside an absolutely smooth surface. The following pictures show a design variant, which allows to connect the mask with our Smellbag or with our Inflatable Heavy Rubber Combination.


Here are some more pics from our BBK and our Inflatable Heavy Rubber Combination:

Special thanks to Alex-in-rubber and Latex Yvonne


Inflatable Heavy Rubber Combination

From our "BBK with Smellbag" as well as the inflatable mask "HVN" we developed the ultimative inflatable Heavy Rubber Combination in connection with an inflatable straitjacket. This nearly 20 kg heavy combination produces a completely new Totalenclosure experience. Additional breathing by the Smellbag gives the ultimative Kick. The outer jacket of the straitjacket is approx.. 2.5 mm thickly and the interior covering approx.. 1 mm thickly. Due to the special construction the pressure - as with the HVN - is led direct on the body. The Smellbag is removable, so that the straitjacket can be carried also alone. This combination we will present for the first time at the FETISCH FAIR 26. - 27.05.2007 in BERLIN.

New product videoclip

Now we also have a small videoclip of our Twinset in the shoparea.

New product videoclip

Now we also have a small videoclip from the HVN mask in our shoparea.

Mask BBK and „Smellbag“

The mask BBK and the "Smellbag" are a combination of the special kind. Here the mask lover has completely new possibilities to enjoy the smell from pure Latex. It does not have to be however always Latex, since the "Smellbag" has a zipper on the inside, by which different things can be put into the bag. Here no borders are set to the fantasy. The "Smellbag" can be adapted by the adjustable belt construction individually and ensures thus an excellent wearing comfort, even over longer time. A sufficient admission of fresh air is ensured by a perforation in both sides.


For the mask we developed a completely new breathing mask, it permits to attach 4 tubes, which make most diverse variation options possible to breath control.According to standard the mask is equipped with clear or dark glasses. When desired also optical glasses can be attached. There is a first impression of the combination in a small VIDEOCLIP in the product description in our shoparea.

The next generation of blow-up masks
and a corset for men with anatomically boops

Take a look at our new blow-up mask, called "HVN", and our boop-corset for men, which we presented first at the Fetishevolution. For more information please take a look in our shop area. - Foto by Robert Chouraqui -

FASHION online

We have extended our Shop by the range "fashion" and now our
new products are on-line!

Beyond that in the next days gradually further new products will follow.

It is always worthwhile to take a look in the news area, because we will regularly report here about new product developments. We would be glad about suggestions to and experiences with our products very much. You can take up connection about the column "Kontakt" with us.
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