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Latexmask "Greta"

For masklovers who love decorativ masks we designed a new mask: Greta. The eyes and the mouth are as usually hand-colored. The mask is shown in white, but the ground-color of the mask can be varied. For more information please take a look in our shop area.







Latexmask in mangastyle

For the lovers of latexmasks in asian mangastyle we designed "Yoko". The painting of the mask is real latex and is lasting preserved. Please have a look at the following two fotos. For further information please look in our shop area.





Some color-variations of our corselettmask



For a customer we integrated the mouthpiece in our 5 mm TV-mask.




New masks with bones

Corselette-fans love thight latex-corselettes, masklovers love our new corselett-masks. We developed two different types, each with its own attractiveness.

If you wear 2 masks one upon another, the overmask should have its special charm. This mask is 2,5 mm thick and is reinforced with moulded bones. It fits tight but it is very comfortabel. The speciality is that it is closed in front and can additionally closed up with locks.

As shown here, the masks looks also very interesting at the backside.

And so the mask looks in front. -------------------Or perhaps a more restrictive variation?

A pure latexmask but as tight as a leathermask. That can be completed with an undermask.

The undermask should have a mouthopening,

because the corselette-mask has an anatomically gag inside.

Normally there is our anatomically gag inside this mask.

In corporation with Studio Gum we can offer inflatable pear-shaped or butterfly-gags in all our masks now. All the gags also fit very good into our mouthfeature.

Please find more informations in our shop-area.


28. April 2005


Masks with optical lenses

Wer are happy to be able to offer masks with optical eye glasses to spectacled masklovers. In co-operation with a fetishenthusiastic optician we developed a reasonable method to integrate optical glasses in all our masks.

Here some details:

The eye glasses are clear lenses made of synthetic material (CR 39). They are hardcoated and so more resistant to scratching than normal synthetic material.

The same high-quality lenses are used in the optometry for spectacles. The lenses on the following pictures have -5,75 and -4,00 sph (Dioptrin).

Astigmatically corrections can also be made.

Because of the special arrangement of the lenses the field of vision is larger than with normal spectacles, cause the lenses are very close to the eyes so the eyes cannot look along the lenses. The special nearness of the lenses to the eyes is compensated by a special cut.

We developed a special latex-spectacle-frame-ring to make the lenses removable.

Please get more information in our shop ara.




19. März 2005


World newness!!! The first anatomically mouth coating made of latex


It is realized! After one year of development we have made it. Now a real mouth coating is available. As you can see on the pics below we sticked to our motto : "as anatomically as possible" . Special thanks to Mr. Hyde for the design. The feature covers the whole oral cavity: the roof of the mouth, the tongue, which is fully flexible, even the teeth are covered with soft latex. Because of the flexibility of the material it fits nearly 80 % of all jaw sizes. Since now we can integrate the mouthfeature in many of our masks.

On 27. and 28.03.2005 we will present the mouthfeature at the Fetish Evolution Exposition in Ratingen Breitscheid in the House of Sports for the first time.

See the first pics:



For more information please have a look at our shop area.



03. October 2004


The new mask "face"



The new mask "face" is a disciplinemask for heavy-rubber-lovers. The face, which is 2,5 mm thick, fits perfectly to the face of the undermask and gives you the wonderful feeling to be able to concentrate totally on yourself. The fixed anatomically gag gives you the special kick. Look at the pics of the first fitting-on:


For more information please look in our shop-area.


08. June 2004


Now available, the"comfortnose"!

Now we offer for mensizes MK2 and MK3 a more comfortable nose. So masklovers with bigger noses can wear masks for a longer time. All our masktyps for men in size MK2 and MK3 can be supplied with the "comfortnose". On the following pictures you can see an example of the "comfortnose" in a black mask with stenciled eyes.


New !!! - Combination of Blow job mask and systemmask

We have combined our favourite systemmask with a blow job mask with provocativ design.

You find more information about the "comfortnose" and the blow job-systemmask in our shoparea.


We are glad to be able to show you more pics from our masks - especially in mensize with womenface. Special thanks to our model Matthias (Yahoo-ID: latex_yvonne).

The Twinset Twins







06. March 2004




The systemmask, produced by us and successfully sold by Marquis, is now available with especially developed mouthpieces with anatomically lips in our shop. To the mask belongs one mouthpiece and one blindfold. Different varieties of mouthpieces and blindfolds are in development.




05. January 2004

Here are some pics with the ultimativ Heavy-Rubber-Twinset-Helmet













14. Dezember 2003

The new dimension of the Heavy-Rubber-Helmets

Dear Fetishfriends,

today we have added to our maskcollection a real great highlight. It has been a long time of research and development, but now the prototyp is ready. It is a worldwide unique maskconstruction. It consists of a latexundermask and a latexovermask, both 4 - 5 mm thick. During the production of the undermask we integratet a rubber tube system. Each of the rubber tube leads the breath air from nose and mouth to the top of the head. The mask has 15 mm stenciled eye holes,.which cause a reduced but sufficient sight. At the backside the mask is closed with a strong metal zip. Of course the mask has a latex hair protector.

Here a pic of the undermask:

The overmask is special, because it has no openings, exceptional the breath air openings for the rubber tube system of the undermask on top of the head. Both masks are fixed connected. The overmask has air-tight eyes of plexiglass. To wear the maskconstruction comfortable it has laces at the backside.

Here the overmask::

The whole "twinset", with a weight of 1,5 kg and nearly 1 cm thickness is surely a challenge for each lover of extraordinary masks.

Here a pic of the whole mask::

By the development of the mask the main point was to make the mask fit exactly one on another and so to make it comfortable.

At least a pic of the backside:


24. November 2003

Dear fetishfriends,

here a variation of our retromask, that we have made on customers order. We like the idea with the stenciled eyes very much too. Additional the mask has an mouthopening of 2,5 cm.




15. November 2003


Dear fetishfriends,

the following picture shows a mask, that we have made on customers order. We think, it is looking very well, so we want to give you a look on it. Especially the 'porcelaine effect' , that is caused by the color contrast of the black eyebrows and the black mouth. The mask is white and 2,8 mm thick. The stenciled eye- and mouthopenings are 7,5 mm and the stenciled noseopenings 5 mm. The mask is laced on the backside and has a white hair protector.

It is a pleasure for us to make masks indivitually for our customers.



15. Oktober 2003


new - the new supermask - new -

As we are always trying to realize ideas of our friends and customers we succeeded in creating a very special type of mask. Most of you will know that there are foamrubber (foamlatex) masks as they are called equipped with beautiful women's faces. These foamrubber (foamlatex) masks are nice to look at but for the real fan of latex masks they don't provide the usual good latex feeling. We now succeeded in creating a real latex mask of suberb quality in the style of these masks, moreover even with a thickness of 4-5 mm.
Of course, also this mask is equipped - as usual - with elongated rounded neck and hair protector beneath the backward lace-up border.
The specialty about this new mask is the luxurily painted face. The red mouth (lips), blue eyes and black eyebrows are carefully painted with latex on every mask by hand. The eyes habe stenciled holes.
As an absolute highlight there are glued-on eyelashes. The space between the upper eyelid and the eyebrows can be made up individually.

Anyway we have to mention here that this new mask can be manufactured in two different sizes for the time being:
FK1: head circumference: 56-57 cm, neck circumference 31-34 cm
FK3: head circumference: 59-60 cm, neck circumference 42-44 cm (neck circumference may be reduced if wished)

You will find more detail views and prices in the shop area.

The following pictures show the first fitting of the new mask in our studio. As a special kick I wanted to wear a transparent mask beneath.















It is always worthwhile to take a look in the news area, because we will regularly report here about new product developments. We would be glad about suggestions to and experiences with our products very much. You can take up connection about the column "Kontakt" with us.
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